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June 2 - June 25, 2016

Opening Reception: Sunday, June 5, 5 - 7pm

Exploring a Sense of Place

Deb Hickey, Darlene DeVita, Ron Pownall

Deb Hickey,, is a mixed media collage artist who photographs architectural landscapes. With her camer she collects images and then rearranges them in her studio to change the context of those spaces. She prints primarily on inkjet film and transfers the film to wooden panels or paper. Sometimes the pieces are manipulated further with pastels, ink, paper and acrylic paint.

Darlene DeVita,, works with many cameras; film, toy, and now digital. She travels with her camers throughout the US, Europe and recently to North Africa. She focuses on architecture and landscape within a specific culture and captures that "Sense of Place".

A Sense of Place - A Neighborhood Changes

At the end of 2013, Ron Pownall documented the demolition of Somerville Waste Management Transfer Station. Two giant (70 ton) Catepillar 365C excavators took several months to demolish the massive building. Ron will have a continous video showing how these two "beasts" "ate" the structure... a Jurassic Park moment right in Brickbottom's backyaard.


Deb Hickey

Darlene DeVita, Deb Hickey, Ron Pownall

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