current show

April 21 - May 21


What is your Muse? This is a Brickbottom Artist Association Members' (BAA) Exhibition including painting, printmaking, photography, collage, sculpture and mixed media. 

Artists: K. Adamczyk, S. Autor, E. Band, L. Blood Bennett, D. Campbell, J. Cascio, P. Cobb, D. Davidson, R. Dawkins, D. DesLauriers, M. DesLauriers, C. Engles, P. Ewen, L. Fiore, A. Forrester, J. Fries, W. Gilbert, L.Gippetti, L.Goldberg, P. Gustafson, C. Herot, M. Hewitt, B. Kipp, M. Kulovic, J. Lainoff, A. Leveille, P. Lim, L.Lunskaya Gordon, C. Mesarch, C. Moses, D. Novetsky, D. Olin, P. Parda, T. Prato, F. Regan, D. Rocha, S. Schmidt, K. Schwahmann, P. Stevens, S. Strauss, A. Vered.

Opening Reception: Sunday, April 24, 4-6pm


Paulilne Lim, Sweet Youth, mixed media on canvas. Inspiration: color, texture, narrative

Chris Engles, untitled, photography, Inspiration: perspective, color, light
Daniela DesLauriers, Hold it, hold it, now breathe...,mixed media, Inspiration: objects around me 
Chris Mesarch, Kabuki V, acrylic, Inspiration: pictures of Kabuki