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ONCE: The Monotype Guild of New England

Guest Juror: Scott Schnepf, Professor of Art, University of New Hampshire

I have long had a love/hate relationship with monoprints. The process can be intoxicatingly seductive. So much so that at times I do not trust the results, but in the right hands it can yield images of exquisite beauty. The opportunity to view a large selection of contemporary works in this medium was extremely rewarding. In selecting the work for this exhibition I tried to include a wide variety of image-making possibilities in order to highlight the incredible range inherent to the medium. Scott Schnepf

September 10 - October 17, 2015

Reception: Saturday, September 12, 2 - 4pm

images: left - Soosen Dunholter, right - Carolyn Letvin, Lynda Goldberg, Helen Cantrell

Exhibiting Artists: Debra Arter, Lisa Barthelson, Lois Beatty, Paulette Brace, Kristin Breiseth, Mark Brueggeman, Helen Cantrell, Sandra Cardillo, Valerie Carrigan, Elisabeth Carter, Joanne Cornell, Cathie Crawford, Kristine DeNinno, Paula DeSimone, Nancy Diessner, Nancy Doniger, Soosen Dunholter, Alexis Dwyer, Daniel Embree, Elizabeth Flemings, Jeff Fullam, Lynda Goldberg, Ann Guiliani, Kathy Jenkins, Carolyn Letvin, Sharmen Liao, Camila Linaweaver, Sasja Lucas, James Meara, Stephanie Mohr, Barbara Nachmias-Kedesdy, Karen Nunley, Tracy Otten, Gerald Ruggiero, Amy Shupler Veaner, Melissa Shaak, Marilyn Sherman, Phil Stevens, Laurie Szujewska, Amy Waltch, Andrea Warner, Patricia A. White, Zachary White, Lynn Yetra.

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