Open Studios Artist Information

Please read this CAREFULLY; all your questions are probably answered below. 

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REGISTRATION: Early-bird registration ($75) closes JULY 31.  Regular registration ($100) closes SEPTEMBER 15Late registration is $125.


INVITATIONS:  All participants will receive 25 printed cards by the start of November; you can request more. You will receive an electronic invitation for e-mailing or posting to social media networks.


WEB SITE: The list of participating Open Studios artists on the website will be updated once all the registration forms have been processed. It will link to your official BAA mem­ber page. Update your BAA member page as often as you like; make sure your contact information is accurate.


HALLWAYS: Participating artists may display their work in the halls near their studios and a piece near the elevators. Share the available space with other artists on your floor. Please do not hang work in areas marked “reserved”. DO NOT post signs pointing the way to your individual studio. We will post generic “more art” arrow signs directing traffic to ALL studios.


PUBLICITY: Every year, nearly half the attendees are first-timers who heard the WBUR radio ad or saw our print ads.  PLEASE help us out by posting this event to your social media networks. “Friend” our “Brickbottom Artists” (not “Brickbottom Group”) Facebook page and post enticing pictures there to create a buzz in advance.


NON-RESIDENT BAA ARTISTS: If you have shown here before, contact the resident who hosted you previously. We will try to find a host for everyone.  Public spaces are available on a first-come-first-served basis.  If we cannot find a space for you, your registration fee will be refunded.  Along with a typed artist statement, you may also include a wall-mounted dispenser for business cards or flyers.  Empty or for-sale units may also be available as exhibition space.  Sculptors may use the outdoor courtyard.  Please show one piece in the Directory Exhibit.  Please attend throughout OS hours.  Neither the BAA nor the Trust is responsible for any work exhibited in this manner, so please pick it up as soon as OS is over.  If you have your own display and lighting system, it will be easier to fit you in.  Contact Pier Gustafson (, the Affiliate Artist Liaison.


SHARING SPACE: If you have hosted non-resident artists in your unit before, you may be contacted directly by those artists in the coming days.  If you wish to share your space this year, contact Pier Gustafson (, the Affiliate Artist Liaison. You will receive a $25 rebate, after the event, for each affiliate artist you host within your space.  PLEASE PAY THE FULL AMOUNT WHEN YOU REGISTER.


WORK: Every participating resident artist must sign up for a task, unless you pay the duty-exemption fee of $25. Sign up by clicking here.


DIRECTORY EXHIBIT: Each artist displays one piece in this show, so that visitors can choose whom they want to visit.  Drop off work to the Gallery on Oct. 16, 9-11 AM or 6-8 PM.  If you cannot bring your work to the gallery at that time, arrange for a neighbor to do it. Pick up your work promptly after Open Studios closes on Sunday.


MONDAY ARTISTS' HOURS:  At 6 p.m. on Monday after OS, the artists go on a private, whirlwind tour of all the studios, 5 minutes per studio.  In past years we have had an after-party at 9 p.m.  Artists are encouraged to stay with the group for the duration.  If you want to participate, sign up here.


On behalf of the Open Studios Committee, The BAA Board and the Gallery Director, we thank you!!!