members list

Below is a list of BAA members, most of whom are practicing artists. Names in blue are linked to pages showing examples of their artwork and contact information. Click on the first letter of the Member's last name to see a list of Member names
beginning with that letter. Click on the Member's name to see their information page.

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Sarah Bapst
Gabrielle Barzaghi
John Bay
Ann Berman
Robin Bradshaw
Duncan Browne
Susan Piver Browne
Ramon Bueno
Hope Cline
Warren Dent
David Douglas
Tony Espy
Laura Feld
Norman Fine
Deborah Freed
Marsha Goldberg
Linda Goulet
Priscilla Lamb
Ilana Manolson
Mardee Nordberg
Cynthia Pellegrini
Martha Podren
Polly Pook
Steven Rae
The Hon. Timothy Toomey
Irene Valincius