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CREATIVE CROSSROADS: Where MassArt & Brickbottom Meet

March 9 - April 15,  2017

Reception: Sunday, March 12, 3-5pm

This exhibition celebrates the artistic overlap between Mass College of Art & Design (MCA&D) friends, faculty and alumni and the Brickbottom Artist Association (BAA) membership. As a public independent college, MCA&D is a national leader in visual art and design education. It is significant that an institution of creativity and innovation would connect with Brickbottom, a building purchased and established by artists who had a vision to develop an artist community, continuing on the path of support and growth that had nurtured them during art school.

Artists: Sherry Autor, Sarah Bapst, Amanda Brown, Steven Cabral, David Campbell, Robin Dawkins, Joanne Desmond, Marian Dioguardi, Phyllis Ewen, Matt Fallon, Wally Gilbert, Margery Hamlen, Marsha Hewitt, Emily Kahn, Charlotte Kaplan, Bill Kipp, Caroline Kipp, Margaret Kipp, Matthew Lazure, Chris Mesarch, Debra Olin, Marilyn Pappas, Felice Regan, Dan Rocha, Virginia Sandman, Jill Slosburg- Ackerman, Anna Pausch

Gallery hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 12-5pm

Artists: left: Anna Pausch, All The Nights I Tucked Myself In, used bed sheets

          right: Virginia Sandman, Homage to the Buddha-Make your mind an ocean, photo

               Marsha Hewitt, A Short History, mixed media

               Sherry Autor, From Where I Sit, mixed media