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PEACE: Cutting Through TURMOIL

June 8 - July 1, 2017

Reception: Thursday, June 8, 6 - 8pm

An exhibition of paintings, sculpture, video and installations about reaching peace through struggle. Work that exposes pain, scars, and resolution, even if temporary, of these struggles. This group of artists invites you to walk into their world, perhaps find your own equilibrium, or discover a thread that might eventually lead you there. Curator: Lois Fiore

Patsea Cobb, Lois Fiore, Cedric Harper, Riki Moss, Jose Santos, Cynthia Staples, Brynmore Williams

Gallery hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 12-5pm


Artists: left: Lois Fiore

          right: Cynthis Staples, Cedric Harper, Patsea Cobb