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TIME: Brickbottom Artist Association Members' Exhibition

July 13 - August 19, 2017

Time presents itself in drama, music, photography, philosophy, science...and life. It's connected to change, growth, mortality, and decay. We mark it, track it, keep it, bend it, save it, lose it and waste it. It passes, drags, floats, and flies - but what is time" This summer, the Brickbottom Gallery members' exhibition TIME, explores this elusive concept. 

This varied group exhibition includes paintings, prints, photography, mixed media and sculpture. 

Gallery hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 12-5pm


Artists: left: Sherry Autor, Courtship (Exotic Birds)

          right: Pauline Lim, Bring Light Unto Mine Eyes, mixed media on canvas panel

                  Mark Luiggi, Playroom, watercolor & ink

                  Jamie Cascio, Harvest, photography